Slack & Programming

TL;DR: Kompiler is now on Slack, and you can join us here!

The Kompiler board (Torstein, Snorre and John Edward) recently decided that it was about time that we started a chat service for our members. A natural choice these days is Slack, a chat service originally created for small companies, but equally suitable for small organisations such as our own.

Slack lets us join in a common chat, in addition to allowing direct messaging, channels (including private channels), file uploads, integration with other services (such as Github) and more. You can join us through slack's web client, one of their plethora of applications or through their XMPP or IRC interfaces.

We plan to use Slack as a tool to organise events, to organise projects and to organise Kompiler itself. We will of course continue to update our Facebook page and our Facebook group as well.

In order to join us, you need an invitation to join the Pilsprog Slack team. Luckily our ever eager devops team (Snorre) has set up the link below (, where you simply enter any email address you want to be auto-invited.


Join the Pilsprog Slack team.

See you in the Slack chat!