Kompiler is the more serious sister-organization of Pils & Programming. It was originally conceived when Pils & Programming needed to establish an official organization in order to have an organization name to use when hosting and promoting events. Kompiler is based in Bergen, Norway and the community consists mainly of IT professionals and students.

Kompiler was founded to

[be] a platform for coordination and organization of IT events with the goal of creating a broad community of IT enthusiasts.

With that in mind Kompiler continues to host the social event Pils & Programming each Friday at Det Akademiske Kvarter, as well as other events such as lightning talks and workshops. We are also developing the second version of Paraply, an event aggregator that will support discoverability of IT events in Bergen by crowd-sourcing events and event groups, displaying them all in one place.

If you want to get involved with the Pils & Programming community you can join our Facebook page Pils & Programming. We also have a chat group on Slack that you can read more about here.